Time Enabled Image Service

Discussion created by jkressin on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by JennRichards_PCA

We have many years of ortho photography that I would like to create a time enabled service for.  I can take each years worth of imagery and add it to a mosaic dataset and verify that it is visible, has statistics/overviews/pyramids built on it and looks good. 

The next part would be to take all of these datasets and load into a master mosaic dataset that includes a year field.  This is where I hit the first problem.  I can't add these datasets as a raster dataset.  When the add rasters method runs, it creates a huge temp file, running me out of diskspace before the rasters finish being added. 

I've tried two different other ways of adding the datasets.  The first is adding them as a table.  This looks like it will work, but the pyramids/overviews/etc don't seem to come with the datasets and the time dataset will not work as an image service.

The other method I tried was to turn each individual mosaic datasets to an image service, and then add each of these image services to a mosaic dataset with the time field.  Unfortunately, even though each of those individual image services works great.  The time enabled dataset again will only show the imagery at the raw imagery scale.

Has anyone else done this and come up with the correct procedure to create a single time-enabled image service?