Chart not appearing with .resize but does with .render

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I am dynamically creating a chart within a map popup (triggered when user clicks the map) using v3.3 (same behaviour exists with 3.2)

var c = dojo.create("div", {
          id: "demoChart"
        }, dojo.create('div'));

After setting the chart properties (data, theme, etc), if I call
, the chart renders correctly but at the wrong size (too big for the infoWindow container div).

However, if I call
chart.resize(175, 145)
, the chart does get created at the correct size, but does not get created on first click, but the second click.

To replicate please see this JSFiddle, and refer to lines 49-53 in the Javascript.

  // Chart Resize will resize the DIV as needed.
  // However, the initial click will not show the chart
  chart.resize(175, 145);
  // Chart Render shows the chart on first click, but does not resize the div

I was under the impression that the resize method included calling render within it. Therefore I am not too sure why I am getting this behaviour.

I need to know what needs changing in order to create the chart div at the same size as the parent div that it sits within, and appear everytime.

(Bonus points for why my tooltips arent appearing as well).