Using esri.arcgis.utils.createMap, there's a Feature Layer being introduced

Discussion created by myESRIUName on Jan 14, 2013
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Hello all,

When I use esri.arcgis.utils.createMap and provide the id to a map that only has a basemap and a single Mapping Service in it, the map that is returned to the callback function has an extra layer in it. It is a FeatureLayer of the layer within the mapping service that is visible.

For example, if the mapping service included in the map is:


Then, this new Feature Layer's url is:

http://<my_domain>/arcgis/rest/services/<some_service>/MapServer/3 (assuming it's layer 3 that's displayed in the map).

Can anyone tell me where that's coming from? Why it's there? Can I stop it? And, most importantly, what property associated with it indicates that I can ignore it as some kind of internal layer that the ESRI JSAPI is making for some reason?

I am creating a tree that displays the Feature Layers and Mapping Layers of a map to allow users to check on/off individual layers in the display. But this layer isn't one that actually "exists" in the original map and shouldn't be showing up (like not showing the user the map_graphics layer) but I don't know how to differentiate it from a "legitimate" Feature Layer from the original map.

Hints? Clues? Anything?