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Problems after upgrading to ArcGIS Server 10.1

Question asked by evtguy on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by evtguy
This issue is driving me CRAZY and I'm at a lost to explain it, let alone know how to correct it.

I'm developing a web map which will report back stream gage heights. That data is stored natively in an Access database but I have a python script which does a bulk extract every 5 minutes and then transfers the records into a standalone table in SDE. The data has an Epoch timestamp so I can confirm that the data inside the standalone table is current.

One of the map requirements was that the gages on our map were symbolized by color based on their current flood stage. To facilitate this, I build the layer on the fly as a FeatureLayer using a FeatureCollection whose source is the standalone table previously mentioned. Last bit of context is that the standalone table is a layer tucked within a published map service with two other point datasets.

My system was working fine when we still were running ArcGIS Server 10 but since we upgraded to 10.1, my mapped information is stale. At first, I thought the issue might be that the standalone table consistently has over 2,000 records and the map service had a MaxRecordCount of 1,000. We bumped that up to 5,000 for the map service but the individual layer still shows a MaxRecordCount of 1,000 when viewing its properties in the REST services directory. Through some testing, I think I can say that this is not the problem. I performed a query using "1=1" and it returned the 2,000+ records.

So I'm left with a situation where my data is just "stale." I'm not responsible for the installation/maintenance of our ArcGIS Server but the person who is told me that one of the changes from 10 to 10.1 is that Server now pulls data locally onto the server. I'm starting to wonder if my app just keeps pointing back to a cached copy of the table's records??

My app has briefly worked twice under 10.1 and both times were immediately after deleting and re-adding the map service that includes the table. This behavior is what leads me to think that I'm a victim of cached data.

How can I remedy this??? The app is still in development and not on the public side of our firewall, unfortunately.