VBA Arcobject Code to VBScript

Discussion created by BViswanathan-esristaff Employee on Jun 3, 2010
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We have developed a tool in VBA, which creates a triangle (Closed polyline) for each point in a shapefile at a specified angle with reference to the adjacent point. We created a Userform with required parameters and the tool is working fine in VBA environment.

My objective is to get the same tool in the Toolbox, for which i need to convert my VBA userform code to VBScript.

VBA code:

Dim pWS As IWorkspaceFactory
Set pWS = New ShapefileWorkspaceFactory

Dim pFWS As IFeatureWorkspace
Set pFWS = pWS.OpenFromFile("C:\", 0)

How do i convert similar VBA code into VBScript using Arcobject libraries?

Guide me on this.....

Balaji Viswanathan.