Connecting to an ArcSDE for SQL Server Express 2008 Geodatabase from a Client Machine

Discussion created by davidrwevans on Jan 6, 2013
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I have been trying to learn about SDE multi-user Geodatabases using two evaluation versions of ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 (Editor License) installed on two separate computers that I have set up on a local area network: a Host machine (named MyServer) running Windows Server 2008 R2, which also hosts a domain that the Client machine (running Windows 7 Pro), is a member of.

I used the the ArcSDE for Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 setup wizard included on the ArcGIS install disk and have managed to install SQL Sever Express and create and connect (locally to) the SDE Geodatabase on the Host machine.

My problem occurs when I try to connect to this Geodatabase from the Client machine. When I try to connect to the SDE Geodatabase in Catalog using the Database Servers > Add Database Server tool and enter the address "MyServer\sqlexpress" I get the error message: "Cannot connect to the database server Failed to connect to Database Server"

I get a similar error if I try to connect through the Database Connections > Add Spatial Database Connection and enter the details as shown in the steps in the Connecting to an ArcSDE geodatabase for SQL Server Express Instructions in the ArcGIS Resource Center.

I should point out that I can, using both the methods described above, connect to, view and edit the SDE Geodatabase from Host machine it was created on and through which it is hosted. Through my efforts to trouble-shoot and identify the problem I have verified that the SQL Server Browser is running and that the TCP/IP port is open (by creating an exception in the Windows Firewall on both machines). I also installed SQL Server Express 2008 on the Client machine and have been able to connect to the Host and view the Geodatabase within the Management Studio component.

If anyone can give me a some advice on where I may be going wrong / what I have to do to successfully connect to the Geodatabase from the Client machine I would be very, very grateful.