Dojo Modules not refreshing properties on my Web Server

Discussion created by krobine on Jan 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2013 by jeff.pace
I'm using a config.js file similar to many examples on the ESRI site. I've got a djConfig statement as follows:
        djConfig = {
            parseOnLoad: true,
            isDebug: true,
          packages: [
            "name": "modules",
            "location": location.pathname.replace(/\/[^/]+$/, "") + "/modules"
In my modules.config, I'm setting various operational layers.
However, when I modify the config to set different operational layers, it's as though the new settings/layers aren't showing up in my website. I've cleared my cache, etc etc, but still, the old settings/layers still show up. I've verified this with Fiddler. It works fine if I make the change and run it using Aptana Studio. Just doesnt refresh properly when running it on my Web Server.

Is there a property in my module, or something in djConfig to be assured that my modules refresh on page load?