problem resizing map in floating pane

Discussion created by schlot on Jan 2, 2013
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I have a map that starts with a search of facilities.  The user can decide once they see the list if they also want to see a map of the features.  By default, no map is shown.

I created a floating pane for the map and set a dock to act as a button for the user to click on to open the map.  First of all, I'm having a little problem styling the dock 'button'.  I've been working to have an image on it as well as a piece of text, but at the moment it still looks like a button separate from the image and not a single seamless looking object.

Secondly, when you click the button that opens the floating pane, in Firefox, the map only takes up the left 1/2 of the pane.  It seems to look OK in IE (very surprising!).  I have my map height and width set to 100%, but somewhere I'm missing another setting to fill the pane properly.


Third, when I resize my floating pane, my map isn't resizing.  I thought I was accounting for that, but maybe it makes a difference that the pane is dynamically resizable as opposed to a map that might be resized because of a browser resize?

Last, in IE, my grid, which I think I have hidden or invisible at start up until the user makes a selection, shows an outline of the grid column headings in IE, but not Firefox.