netCDF to feature/raster problems

Discussion created by jaekstrom1 on Dec 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by jaekstrom1
I need to view data that is in a netcdf file (from GLODAP) that contains points of pH for the oceans globally. When I use the make netCDF to Feature layer tool, I get a message saying "Background processing has encountered a serious error and is unable to continue." This happens everytime.

When I try to import with NetCDF to Raster layert tool, a layer comes up as a map, but there is a no spatial reference associated with it. And when i go into define the spatial reference in Data Management tools, it doesn't actually get changed when I view the properties of the layer back in ArcMap.

My OTHER problem with this is that I need to share the layer onto an ArcGIS server, but I need that raster layer with a defined spatial reference.

Has anyone had similar issues and resolved them?