Web Mapping and question??

Discussion created by Oscarperez84 on Jun 2, 2010
Hi all, I'm beginner with Web Mapping and programming web applications, so i have questions to do, i hope any of you can help me!!

I'm working with Web Mapping application in Flex and with ArcGis Server, until now everything ok, i enjoyed a lot learning flex and ActionScript and how to to made "gp" from ArcGis Server, but i don't know how can i follow my way, becouse our client want to edit and create maps through the Web application and i was looking how to do it but i cannot find nothing clear about that, it is possible?? and if it was possible? could you give me references to know how to do it??

I read something about i need to put DataBase in ArcSDE and then use ArcObject to create services that can give to my client access to it and blablabla, jeje

As you can see i'm very lost at this moment!!!

Thanks all and sorry about my english  ;-)!!