Need Advice - Accessing multiple web apps with secure resources

Discussion created by PinnGIS on Dec 11, 2012

I have an ArcGIS Online Organization subscription.  I have created multiple groups and am currently hosting a number of Feature Services which are shared among the groups but none are made public.

My clients want a very simple interface, they find the map viewer and ArcGIS Explorer Online to have 'too many buttons'. I decided that web apps were probably the way to go.

My goal is to create a web page that will only be accessible by my client and on this page will be a listing of all the web apps they want.  I can get the IdentityManager to work fine, whenever the client clicks on a web app link the sign in graphic displays.  The problem though is that the client has to log in every time they open a web app which can be annoying (I don't think the clients will like this).

I would like to automate the login process and handle the ArcGIS Online authentication only once.  I've been trying to generate a unique Development API key from here but it doesn't work, always telling me I need a subscription, which I have.  Any advice would be much appreciated.