Graphics are hidden on map after migrating from JavaScript API from 2.5 to 3.2

Discussion created by AttentiDev on Dec 4, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by DSwingley-esristaff

After migration from JavaScript API from 2.5 to 3.2, the graphicsLayer suddenly was hidden from map. It happens only when doing panning operation.
I have a special handling for the events "onPanStart" and "onPanEnd".
When "onPanStart" happens - I hide all the graphics layers
When "onPanEnd" happens - I show all the graphics layer.

Everything works fine in version 2.5, but after upgrading to version 3.2  - the graphics suddenly hidden after pan operation.
When I doing zoom operation, the graphics layers become visible.
I cancelled the handling for "onPanStart" and "onPanEnd", and the problem didn't happen.

I really appreciate any assistance, because I can't upgarde the API version because of this critical issue.