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GraphicsLayer onClick event

Question asked by gknight on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by gknight
Hi all,

I am having a hard time capturing the 'onClick' event of a GraphicsLayer. 

I am capturing the 'onMouseOver' and 'onMouseOut' events for this layer as follows:

dojo.connect( queryGraphicsLayer, "onMouseOver", queryLayer.showToolTip ); dojo.connect( queryGraphicsLayer, "onMouseOut", queryLayer.hideToolTip );

With this, I am able to swap in/out a highlight symbol as the mouse moves over the graphics.  All good here. 

I also need to capture the 'onClick' event, so I can go do some other work when the user clicks on the graphic.

I have tried all of the following approaches with no success.

dojo.connect(, "onClick", queryLayer.graphics_OnClickHandler );  dojo.connect( queryGraphicsLayer, "onClick", queryLayer.graphics_OnClickHandler );  dojo.connect( graphic, "onClick", queryLayer.graphics_OnClickHandler ); queryGraphicsLayer.add( graphic );

Why is the 'onClick' event being so elusive? 

Suggestions appreciated.  Thank you much.