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problems setting up my proxy pages on my server

Question asked by schlot on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by schlot
I have followed the instructions on how to set up proxy pages and I'm running out of ideas of why my application is completely ignoring my proxy set up.

I downloaded the configuration files using the ASP.NET option. 
I created a folder on my server under inetpub/wwwroot and called it proxy and put proxy.config and proxy.ashx in it.
I edited proxy.config file to contain the paths to my local services as well as the ESRI online services (I am generating a buffer as well as trying to build routes with a route task).
I went into IIS Manager and create an application from this directory.

I modified my code to have the path in my code: = "proxy/proxy.ashx";

I keep my projects in another directory, not wwwroot, but have set a virtual directory to the location of where the files reside.  My file opens just fine.

When I look at Firebug, on the Net tab to watch the traffic, I never see any POST entries, only GET, so none of my requests are going through the proxy.  There are no errors, it's just not using it.

When I an defining my proxyUrl, should I be using this type of relative path name?  I tried a complete URL to the location of the proxy.ashx, but that didn't help.  It seems like if it couldn't find the proxy file, I would at least get an error telling me it couldn't find it???