How to add a dynamic section of text to a default print layout?

Discussion created by drhall001 on Nov 19, 2012
Trying to understand printing in 10.1. I want to create a printable report where only one of the elements is a map. After a user has given some input and clicks some kind of print button, I need to add an area of text to the map based on the user input. It could be inset into the map or below the map or whatever. I'm just not finding in the docs how I might add a section of formatted text to the export.

1. Is there any way to do this with the default map layouts?
2. If not, should I create my own layout and print service with a custom text element and export json webmap?
3. Or would it be simpler to export the map image as a png, create a new page with an image tag referencing the png and then add divs with the text I want to insert?

Thanks for you help!