Newbie Question about toggling Feature Layers - JavaScript API

Discussion created by dletz2112 on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by dletz2112
Hi, I am on my second week of learning the API, and have questions about controlling visibility of Feature layers. I have seen examples of doing this with basemap layers, but not feature layers. For example, say I have a map service that has 5 feature layers (parks, hospitals, fire stations, etc) for a certain Texas county. I need a way for the user to 1) toggle the visibility of each feature layer, and 2) the feature layer that is visible be functional as far as info windows/popups working with the symbols on the layer. I found this page http://blogs.uww.edu/giscenter/2011/08/11/toggle-feature-layers-with-arcgis-javascript-api/ but it is not making sense. Am I missing an example in the API samples that addresses this?

Thanks for your replies.