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Reduce number of vertices

Question asked by br8kwall on Nov 15, 2012
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I must be using the wrong terminology in my search.

We're going to be doing some raster -> polygon delineation in ArcGIS Server using .Net ArcObjects (in 10.0). We know the results will be a little jaggy and we're interested in smoothing the shape and reducing some of the complexity by removing some vertices. So I'm looking for your basic Douglas-Peucker (or better) implementation in ArcObjects. ArcObjects Simplify and Smooth do not seem to be what we need. Any thoughts?

David Douglas & Thomas Peucker, "Algorithms for the reduction of the number of points required to represent a digitized line or its caricature", The Canadian Cartographer 10(2), 112-122  (1973)

John Hershberger & Jack Snoeyink, "Speeding Up the Douglas-Peucker Line-Simplification Algorithm", Proc 5th Symp on Data Handling, 134-143 (1992).  UBC Tech Report available online from NEC ResearchIndex.