Dynamic Layer won't appear

Discussion created by tgdang-esrisa-esridist on Nov 14, 2012
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I'm a newbie to ArcGIS JavaScript API. I'm following the training material provided by ESRI when I encounter a problem. I'm trying to add a cached layer as the basemap and a dynamic layer as the operational layer. The map spatial reference is defined accordingly to the base map SR and it's in WGS 1984 (wkid = 4326). However my dynamic layer is in a spatial reference with wkid = 4757. According to this llink, both of them will be displayed. However when I try:
map.addLayers([basemap, operationalLayer])

only the base map appears. I check the Export call using the developer tool of the browser, and find out that my dynamic layer has the following parameters:

Both bboxSR and imageSR is in the map spatial reference. Does it mean my dynamic layer never gets re-projected on the fly?

When I remove the base map and set the map SR to 4757, the dynamic layer appears just fine. I tried to set the imageSpatialRefernce in imageParameters of the dynamic layer to 4757, still it did not show.

What should I do?

Thanks for reading.