Creating a custom FeatureLayer from a findTask

Discussion created by harchet on Nov 9, 2012
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I want to create a map that is similar to this, but instead of retrieving the information from a static FeatureLayer I want to create one with the data obtained in a findTask.

So depending on the find task the colored areas should change. This is the code I have:
function do_search(e){
            if (e.keyCode == 13) // 13 = enter key
              findParams.searchText = dojo.byId('search').value;
  function zoomInSearch(results){
    //This function works with an array of FindResult that the task returns
    var items = dojo.map(results,function(result){
             var graphic = result.feature;
             return result.feature.attributes;
    //Create data object to be used in store
           var data = {
             identifier: "OBJECTID",  //This field needs to have unique values
             label: "OBJECTID", //Name field for display. Not pertinent to a grid but may be used elsewhere.
             items: items
          //Create data store and bind to grid.
          store = new dojo.data.ItemFileReadStore({ data:data });
          // I want to use this data to creae a Feature layer so it can be shown in the map, somehow

Or could I create a dataSource from the findTask, so I could create something similar to this example

Any idea?

Many thanks