The index was either too large or too small -  Map Cache Error

Discussion created by linkun88 on Nov 7, 2012
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Dear Sirs,

we have encountered some problem during map caching process, the error messages are as shown below:

Failed to cache extent: 206639.439105 2662911.235289 210804.241808 2669845.025823 at scale 800 ERROR 999999: Error executing function.
Failed to cache extent: 207337.875709 2666378.659724 210804.770976 2669845.554991 at scale 400 ERROR 999999: Error executing function.
The index was either too large or too small.
Failed to execute (Manage Map Cache Tiles).
Field is not editable.
Failed to execute (ManageMapServerCacheTiles).

I tried to redo map cache for the the extent mentioned but no luck.

The map cache processes were doing fine in Arcgis 10.0, but there are many map cache problems in Arcgis 10.1, this is just part of it. We have many other problems such as cache job crashes, hangs, and so on..

I have another unsolved problem in post

Any help will much appreciated

Thanks, Bryant Lin