Modified feature rendering based on external source

Discussion created by ctheis on Nov 7, 2012
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I'm new to ArcGIS so my question might be seem a bit dumb, for which I apologize.

I'd have a map including a feature layer which I'd like to display on a web-page. For the respective rows in the feature layer I have some additional data from an external data source which my web-page can query. Based on this data I would like to change the waythat these features are shown.

For example, my feature layer contains boxes which mark houses. The actual house price is stored in a different database and can change. Based on the house price I would like to fill the box with a specific color indicating the price range. As I also need to be able to show historic data I would like to determine the way that the objects are rendered on the client side without changing any data on the GIS server.

My first idea is the following:
- retrieve the feature set
- add a field to the feature set in which I can set a value indicating the price range
- create a unique value renderer which I attach to the feature set

I'd appreciate if somebody who has experience with this, could let me know if this approach sounds feasible or point me in a direction how to solve my problem.

Thanks in advance