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IdentifyTask Error

Question asked by agesriuser on Nov 1, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by JGravois-esristaff
I am doing some work for a client using 9.3 and the IdentifyTask is acting strange. I get the following error: "Could not complete the operation due to error c00ce56e". Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Is there something in the service settings that could be causing this? My code is below.

dojo.connect(map, "onClick", SimpleIdentifyTask);  function SimpleIdentifyTask(evt) {  var identifyTask = new esri.tasks.IdentifyTask("http://[hidden]/ArcGIS/rest/services/myMap/MapServer");  var identifyParams = new esri.tasks.IdentifyParameters();  identifyParams.tolerance = 2;  identifyParams.returnGeometry = true;   identifyParams.layerOption = esri.tasks.IdentifyParameters.LAYER_OPTION_ALL;  identifyParams.layerIds = [5,7];  identifyParams.geometry = evt.mapPoint;  identifyParams.mapExtent = map.extent;  identifyParams.spatialReference = map.spatialReference;  identifyTask.execute(identifyParams, function(idResults) { alert(idResults.length); }, function(err){alert(err.message);}); }