Unable to delete feature service

Discussion created by admin@maryville on Oct 24, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by astauffer-esristaff
I tried to overwrite a feature service from Arcmap to AGOL.  It said completed successfully however I have been unable to access the service in the AGOL Map it was in.  Furthermore I am unable to delete it from my list to completely recreate.  Any suggestions?

I am unable to access the service on both new AGOL maps and Arcgis Explorer online, but I can add it to Arcmap as a layer?

Recreated the feature service with another name, recreated all of my settings, popup configurations etc in a new web map.  Deleted the web map using the non responsive feature service thinking that this was hanging the service from being deleted.  Unshared the service....still cannot delete it.