Capture click on link within Popup to session?

Discussion created by livetech on Oct 23, 2012
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Hi All,

New to this ArgGis system.

We have a map that has a collection of location points on it. If the user clicks on a point, a popup of information shows. We would like to include in this popup a "Add to request" link.

If a user clicks on this "Add to request" the ID for the location would be saved to the session....

The user may click on multiple points and have multiple requests saved to the session.

Then we would include a "Fill out details" link, that would take the user away from the Map to a page we would create that would have the saved point ID's passed to it.

We would like to do this with Javascript or Jquery.

We have been having a preliminary play with this. We have included a link with an ID in the popup. But we are having difficulty getting the ID of the link to the jquery, as it is not included in the passed map on the page.

Any thoughts or a better way of doing this?