Cannot copy a geometric network from one geodatabase to another

Discussion created by stsnider on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by alnesbit
I'm trying to copy a geometric network (National Hydrography Dataset) from a feature dataset in a file geodatabase to an ArcSDE feature dataset.  The projection on the two feature datasets are the same.  When I use the copy and paste commands on a feature class in the geometric network, it only copies that feature class - not the network.  When I use the copy and paste command on the network itslef, I get the error "Failed to paste HYDRO_NET", General function failure"....not very helpful.  I have also tried to export and import the feature class, but each time it only copies the feature class and not the network.

This ESRI doc says that if you use the copy tool on a feature class that is in a geometric network, the entire network including the feature class will be copied.  But when I try this, I get Error 000260: The "in_memory" workspace is not supported as the output location.  I tried also to copy the geometric network directly and got the same error message. 

The feature dataset that I'm trying to copy into is totally blank, so nothing should be interfering with the copy process.  I found this article that says the in_memory workspace does not support geometric networks and network datasets.  So what's up with that?  Either I can copy a geometric network or I can't?

Any suggestions about how I can copy an entire feature dataset from a file geodatabase into a feature dataset in ArcSDE???  Basically I need to keep the geometric network and its associated feature classes together.