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Problems displaying map service on OSX

Question asked by wildernesswebmaster99 on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by wildernesswebmaster99
I'm encountering an interesting problem that appears to be limited to MAC users running OSX. We have a wilderness map, built using the JavaScript api, that overlays an ArcGIS map service of wilderness boundaries that we run on top of a choice of basemaps. OSX users can see the basemaps, but the boundaries don't show in any browser (users tested safari and firefox). One particular user has both OSX and windows on his MAC and was able to view both of the maps below successfully when running windows but not when running OSX!

So OSX users can't see the wilderness boundaries on either of the following, both of which use the map service above. Maps work fine for windows users. - Full-screen wilderness map on - National Wilderness Preservation System web map on

These same OSX users who can't see the boundaries on the above maps CAN see them on the scaled down test maps I've created to help diagnose this problem. - Test maps on

I'm wondering if there's some sort of timeout issue with the full map, which is more feature-rich than the test maps, and thus takes longer to fully load? Could it be something else? Thanks for any suggestions folks have to offer.