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Add-In updating using Add-In manager folder

Question asked by mjnelson42 on Oct 9, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by mjnelson42
We are creating an Add-In for each of our projects and placing in a directory on a server. Then users can point to their project directory through the Add-In Manager to just automatically load in tools.

It seemed in previous versions of ArcMap when updates were made to an Add-In I could just copy the new .esriAddIn into the directory and restarting ArcMap would update the tools. Starting around 10.0 sp3 or sp4 and continuing with 10.1 users need to remove their Add-In directory, restart ArcMap to make sure it has been removed (sometimes have to remove twice), then re-add the directory. Does anyone know if something changed in how Add-Ins are loaded?