Mobile Map browsing crashes application

Discussion created by cespel on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2012 by CMahlke-esristaff
I have created a mobile app using dojox mobile to make it look like an iphone app.

It does all that its supposed to do on the tables but when the map is activated certain mobile devices cant handle the map caches. After panning in say, a Blackberry curve, for a few minutes, the application crashes. The browser shows an error message.

Also, on other devices such as the iphone, androids, if the application is left open for a period of over 15 minutes and you come back to it, it does not respond. It may do the queries, but there will be no map. You have to hard refresh the whole application to make it work again.

My questions are, is there a way to flush the cache when a user initiates a search so the map tiles dont take up space (like destroy the map and recreated on demand)? and, is it ok of a practice to refresh the application every 15 minutes for the user?

Thanks all.