Problem with editing AGSFeatureLayer created in offline mode

Discussion created by s26761 on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by PoncinAdmin

I'm experimenting with online-offline editing of a feature layer.

In online mode, the feature layer is created from a feature service hosted on ArcGIS Online. And I can click on the accessory button to edit the feature attributes.

In offline mode, I save layer defintion from [aFeatureLayer encodeToJSON] into a file and then recreate a new feature layer from the saved layer defintion as follows:

[self initWithLayerDefinitionJSON:featureLayerDefinition featureSetJSON:featureSetDictionary];

After that, the AGSPopupsContainerViewController doesn't allow me to edit the feature attributes. I've tried to fix the problem as follows but it doesn't seem to work.

    AGSPopupInfo *info = [AGSPopupInfo popupInfoForGraphic:graphic];
    AGSPopup *popup = [AGSPopup popupWithGraphic:graphic popupInfo:info];
    popup.allowEdit = YES;
    popup.allowDelete = YES;
    popup.allowEditGeometry = YES;
    self.popupVC = [[AGSPopupsContainerViewController alloc] initWithPopups:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:popup, nil]];

Is above the expected behaviour of a feature layer? Is there anyway to configure AGSPopupsContainerViewController for editing in the offline mode?


Ong CF