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Editor Widget Event for Selected Feature

Question asked by mkoneya on Sep 26, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by mkoneya
Are there an Events that I can use to get the selected features being used by the attribute inspector and when features are added to the map?

I am using the editor widget in combination with the Attribute Inspector.    I have also created a Template picker and used that with the editor widget. 

In my application,  I am editing points, lines, and polygons from a Feature Server using the On Demand Mode.  I have seen examples that show selected features using the On Selection mode, but was not pleased with having to add both the map server and the featureServer layers so I am trying to find another way. 

I would like to be able to start a function that draws a graphic for the point features when they are selected and displayed in the attribute inspector, as well as when the features are first completed.

What I am currently doing is using the "onClick" event and then I get the colleciton of feature layers in the map, loop through each to find those that have a geomtryType of "esriGeometryPoint", and then using the getSelectedFeatures() method to retrieve any features that may be selected.   

This process does not always seem to work that well as the selected features are not always displayed. 

Thanks for any assitance,