SDE feature class edits do not render in Dynamic Map Service

Discussion created by mtdave on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by rbeckler
I am testing ArcServer 10.1 and SDE on SQL Express on the Amazon E2C. I have deployed our app that we built on 10.0. In the app we use Python GeoProcessing tasks to update SDE feature classes by updating attributes, adding and removing features. Sometimes we use cursors and sometimes we use GeoProcessing tools. In 10.0 this all works as we expect. In 10.1 we do the same GP task and it runs through without error but the results are not rendered in the Dynamic Service. If we open the feature class in ArcMap the changes are there.

Why is this not working? I think it must be related to either caching of map images or versioning in the SDE feature class. We do not have caching or versioning turned on, we only have the DEFAULT version.

Thanks, Dave