Multi-level Dynamic Table of Contents

Discussion created by adevine on Sep 24, 2012
Morning Folks,

I am utilizing javascript to develop a web app for a department at my University that has a huge amount of information that I am trying to come up with a effective way to display it simply. The content of the map is just point data, but the point data is in groupings. For examples sake, lets call the first level of groupings "Elements": (fire, water, earth, air) and the second level of groupings "Elemental Items": (torch, pond, dirt, cloud, etc...). When the user arrives at the page, they are given a generic view of the map region with a way to choose which Element data they want to view. When they choose from the Elements, they then can choose from Elemental Items. For example, they click on the Fire option and the option list and display changes to show all the Fire-related elemental items. I hope that is clear. I had started to use the Basemap Gallery with Thumbnail Picker but thought I woudl throw out the question tot he forum before committing to trying to nest this function over and over.

In short, how would you leverage ArcGIS Javascript API to display and allow simple user navigation of a categorized and tiered dataset?

Alex DeVine
University of Georgia