10.0 SP5 raster storage compression ignored in python

Discussion created by GlennNead on Sep 20, 2012
When I patched ESRI 10.0 from basic (no service packs) to SP5, the tiff files created began to be compressed with "LZW".  I have to be able to set to either have compression to "LZ77" or "NONE".

Using ArcCatalog, I can set the raster storage enviroment to "NONE" within the Copy Raster Tool and the resultant tiffs are uncompressed.

In python, for either arcgisscripting or for arcpy, the returned default is "LZ77".  If I set to "NONE" or leave as-is, the resultant tiff files for Clip or CopyRaster are still in "LZW".

        print "compression = ", arcpy.env.compression    ----> "LZ77"

        arcpy.env.compression = "NONE"
        arcpy.CopyRaster_management(mapIn, mapOut, "", "", "", "NONE", cmToRGB, bitDepth)


       _gp = arcgisscripting.create()
       _gp.compression = "NONE"
       _gp.CopyRaster(mapIn, mapOut, "", "", "", "NONE", cmToRGB, bitDepth)


-- Glenn