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Problem with World Routing Service.

Question asked by fredhejazi on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by DSwingley-esristaff
I posted this question earlier, where we seem to hit a limit on the number of stops in a routing request.  I was just trying out the following sample from the help 

After 10 stops, it will not route anymore.  When I copy the sample to my server and try it, the limit is 7.  Which is odd.  Anyway after some digging, it turns out that the regular routing engine is limited to 10 stops.  I needed to get the world routing service which has a higher limit on the stops.  I think 25.  Anyway, its a paid service, which we purchased and followed the steps for getting a token. 

Then to test it out, in the same example above,  replaced the line

       routeTask = new esri.tasks.RouteTask("");

With the following line, which is supposedly what we are to use.

         routeTask = new esri.tasks.RouteTask("");

Only a part of the token is listed above.  However, we seem to have the same 7 stop limit.  When we don't include the token, we get an access denied error.  If the token is incorrect, we get an invalid token error. 

So, its appears that it is accepting the token when it is correct, just not performing anymore than 7 stops. 

Anyone else here knows anything about the world routing engine and how to get it to work?