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Extracting and merging attribute data from Network Analyst in Modelbuilder

Question asked by rpudney on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by rpudney
Hi All,

I'm currently using Modelbuilder to build a series of processes which:

    Calculates individual service areas for approximately 11,500 point features across the UK

    Performs a spatial join to count the number of client locations within that specific service area

    Merges the outputs of those spatial joins together and extracts the attribute data into a .csv file
The model that I have built works fine, however I am having issues with optimising performance and am wondering if anyone has advice for me on how to improve the speed and cut out unecessary steps.

Specifically, I know my model is not optimised, as to get my final output I have to:

- Iterate through each feature point and create a service area which I then pull out the polygon features from using Select Data
- Perform the spatial join which generates a seperate polygon feature (I store this using the in_memory option)
- Collect the output of each Spatial Join output using Collect Values
- Merge the polygons together (into a local folder) and then extract the attribute data into a .csv using Extract Feature to Ascii.

My main issue is with the last process. Firstly I am unable to save this output using in_memory and I am not sure why this is the case, and secondly I am convinced that there must be a way in which I can avoid having to perform the Merge function to join all the results of each spatial join together in a .CSV table.

What I would like to know therefore is if there there a way to extract the attribute data from each spatial join and merge them into a table without having to go through the process of merging the spatial join polygons together?

Many thanks,