QueryTask error in IE9 when loading more than 900 features (IE8, FF and Chrome works)

Discussion created by bernds on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2012 by bernds

I have a really simple JS mapping application which is just displaying features on a GraphicsLayer.

I`m using QueryTask to load the features.

If I running it on FF 14 and Chrome 21 its displaying about 8000 features without any problem. (Ok, if I have more that 2000 its getting slower).
IE8 can also handle this number of features. But its getting very slow.

When I use IE9, the browser can display about 900 features. But if I want to display more than 2000 features IE9 ends in "SCRIPT14: error -2147024882".
This error occurs just before QueryTask calls the onComplete function.

Is there any limitation for IE9?