Problem with Attribute Inspector in 3.1

Discussion created by maxwellr on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by khutchins-esristaff
I have an editing application built on JSAPI version 3.1 and it includes a couple of Attribute Inspectors for 2 featureLayers in the app. One of them started giving me trouble when I select a record from a search result in a datagrid and I'm not sure why, but now the Attribute Inspector will not load at any time a feature from the associated layer is selected.

The only error I receive is:
"TypeError: _38a.toLowerCase is not a function" Editor-all.js (line 19)

I have another Attribute Inspector which loads when a feature is selected from a different Feature Layer and that one works fine.

I can see that the feature has been properly selected in the JSON response in Firebug. The query is working properly, but I am unable to view the attributes in the Attribute Inspector.

I created a function which fires 'onSelectionComplete' for this layer to see if that would give me any clues. The function is triggered but the code does not run.