Problem with Multiple charts in popup

Discussion created by zconlen on Sep 16, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2012 by stevel
I have a simple javascript application which was created by downloading and modifying the basic viewer from arcgis.com. The app uses an arcgis.com webmap which has a popup with multiple charts configured. When accessing the popup via arcgis.com, the first chart is displayed with a small black arrow to the right of it which can be clicked to see the next chart and so on. However when using the popup via the custom app I have created, the arrow image does not show up. A user can click where the arrow should be and go to the next image, but most users would not even know to try this.

My thought is that the image was not included in the downloaded code from arcgis.com. I can find or create a new image, but not sure what it should be named or where in the file structure it needs to go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.