dialog scrollbar doesn't work properly in IE

Discussion created by deleted-user-ugCMpXci8bn5 on Sep 13, 2012
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I have a dialog with a scrollbar, which pops up with a button click.  The scrollbar works fine in Firefox, but not in IE9.
Here is the code:
        infoBox = new dijit.Dialog({
         //title: "Information",
         id: "info",
         content: infoText,
         style: "width: 450px; height: 380px; overflow: auto",
         autofocus: !dojo.isIE, // NOTE: turning focus ON in IE causes errors when reopening the dialog
         refocus: !dojo.isIE

I have '<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7", "IE=9" />' in my index file as well.
Thanks for any help, Jason