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Discussion created by vikrant327 on Sep 7, 2012
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I have editing application with about 10 layers to edit. Everything works fine when I have all the layers turned on all the time and template picker shows all the symbols. Problem comes when I try to hide and show the layers and update template picker dynamically as layers get turned off and on from the checkbox. Problem that I am seeing is with overlapping features in this case, sometimes when I click on the point feature at the junction of two line features the infowindow shows the title of point feature but displays the attribute table of line feature. Further, when I click on next feature or previous feature button on infoWindow, this table get fixed automatically. In the same code everything works fine if I don't toggle layers and update template picker.

In second case, when I use attributeInspector digit instead of editor widget, I loose the capability of geometry editing. Is there is a workaround in this case?