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Use editor widget, but have default attribute inspector in div rather than infowindow

Question asked by jgillham on Aug 22, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by wpgis5673
Is there any way to use the editor widget (as in this sample), but have it's default attribute inspector placed into a side panel div rather than the infowindow?  I need to have a sliding panel that the user will pick a symbol from the templatepicker, the panel slides closed, the user then digitizes the new feature and upon completion the panel opens back up with an attribute inspector to fill in fields and save.  I realize this is not how ESRI wants you to do it, but this is what my client is requesting/insisting on.  Certainly there has to be a way to override the default attributeInspector for the editor widget?  The editor widget does have an attributeInspector property, but how can I change that on the fly (or on init)?  Any help would be great....thanks!