Make a minimum bound ellipse?

Discussion created by aurelia128 on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by bharold-esristaff
I am trying to make an ellipse around a set of points, and I essentially want to do what the 'Minimum Bounding Geometry' tool does, but I want it to make the smallest ellipse around my points rather than a rectangle, circle or envelope.  I am ultimately trying to show the regions of globe that have been studied more than others by plotting the coordinates for individual study areas.  This is for visualization only (not for quantitative analysis), so I want to make it look nice and consistent.  I think using ellipses around the study areas will be the most visually appealing.  I just can't figure out how to make them.  Also, I don't want to use the draw function, because I would like to be able to play with merge and intersect and some things later to show which areas have been most studied i.e. I ultimately want shapefiles.