Input bathymetry layer with correct cell size

Discussion created by blackhawk0093 on Aug 13, 2012
Hi all,

I am trying to input an XYZ bathymetry file (.mbd or .asc) into ArcMap 10. The file just lists lat, lon, and depth in three columns, and has about 790,000 rows. Right now, I am adding the table, displaying XY data, then converting the resulting feature into a raster (Conversion - Feature - Raster). This creates an appropriate looking raster. My problem is getting the correct cell size. The original file is in GCS WGS 1984, and I need to project to WGS UTM N16. When projected, the cell size should be 5 m exactly. I cannot seem to get the right cell size. I have tried playing around with the output cell size in the Raster-Feature tool, but A) I am not sure what cell size to use here to ensure that when projected, it is 5 and B) when I set lower cell sizes than the default, I often get diagonal stripes of no data across the entire raster.

Is there a better way to do this whole process? All I really need is to convert my XYZ ascii to a projected raster with a cell size of 5. Any advice is greatly appreciated...