Raster JPG images not opening in ArcGIS10

Discussion created by surajskoneri on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2016 by ccs7900
We are using ArcGIS 10. in that adding raster images as hyperlinks to some features on map.

Whenever we try to open the images as hyperlinks following error we are getting..

"Unable to open \\desktop\images\sample.JPG" Please make sure the path is correct and document exists.

but this path is correct. in the same path i have other type of file(.pdf,.txt) these i am able to access from ArcGIS hyperlinks.

Is there any configuration to set default applications to open image files in ArcGIS 10 server?

Along with ArcGIS we have Office 2010 tools to open images.

It works on server. but when we try that from Citrix not able to open.

please help me.