Geoprocessing task and XYtoLine

Discussion created by songissimo on Aug 6, 2012
Hi everybody,
  I'm designing a geoprocessing task that allows the user to input data that will be converted in a line feature class.
To accomplish this task I'm building a model (that will be published as a GP Service) through the model builder in which I've added the XYtoTool with a record set variable as input.
I'm trying to do some tests but it doesn't work.
Better, when I set the input variable as an excel sheet, I run the model and all works, but if I use the record set, allowing the user to input coordinates fields (this operation will be done using a web interface the give the access to the GP Service), what I get is a new EMPTY feature class.
So it seems to be a problem with the Record Set variable but I didn't manage to figure out which exactly is the problem.

Anyone can help me?

Than you very much.