Workspace within Model Builder

Discussion created by Cep86 on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by SolomonP
I am trying to set a different workspace for raster datasets and for polyline feature classes.  Basically, I want the rasters to be saved outside of the geodatabase and the polylines to be saved inside the geodatabase within a feature dataset. 

I tried to create a variable that was a model parameter so that I could input the particular folder I want to save the rasters and polylines in each time I run the tool.  Model builder won't allow me to set the variable as the scratch or current workspace.  I've tried to set it as either of the two and both at the same time.  When I save the model and then go to close it, it gives me a message saying that changes were made and asking if I would like to save.  No matter which option I choose the settings never remain and when I reopen the model to check it, the line connecting the workspace variable to the process is now called a precondition...

Any help?  :)