Query Sample

Discussion created by emadmohamad on Jul 18, 2012
Hi, i have a quite confusing problem for me, i used to samples to finish an application, Identify Task Sample and Query Task Sample, i did some slight changes so it fit my needs, i am new to Xcode and Objective-C thats why i had to use templates to get the task done quickly, my problem now is i want to merge the query task sample with the Identify task and make them 1 application, for example, i want to make a navigation bar at the top of my Identify app ( top of the map being displayed ), this bar has 2 buttons, search, about. When i click search it brings me the search query task sample code, search bar and so on. So that why i merged the two samples in one application.
My problem is i don't know how can i do this, where to start looking? how will i migrate my query task files to my identify task code? I am quite in hurry and i would really appreciate if someone can guide me through this.

Thank you!