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Potential Bug in Print Task?

Question asked by alanrussian on Jul 17, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2012 by daffodil41
Let's say you have a map service structured as follows and you want to display and print a map with only "Item 1" visible:

Item Name (ID)

  • Folder 1 (0)

    • Item 1 (1)

    • Item 2 (2)

If you want just "Item 1" (ID = 1) to display, you set the visible layers to [1].  Everything's perfect on the web map.  If you now try to print the map, "Item 1" will display on the printed map; however, it will not display on the legend.

So, I thought maybe I needed to set "Folder 1" as visible in order to get "Item 1" to show up on the legend.  This time, I set the visible items to [0, 1].  The printed map displays just like I wanted with "Item 1" in the map and legend and without "Item 2" displaying; however, "Item 2" displays on the web map.

There appears to be an inconsistency between the JavaScript API and the PrintTask when it comes to handling this situation.  Is this a bug, or am I don't something wrong?