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Creating an Add-in Tool

Question asked by USForestServiceAdmin on Jul 12, 2012
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Hello all,

I recently developed a custom Add-in button in ArcMap using, and thought it would be easy to create an add-in Tool the same way.  However, when I go through the steps to create an add-in Tool, the plumbing code for OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp is not there.  Here's the steps I'm taking to create my project, using VS 2008 with

1. File - New Project.
2. Visual Basic > ArcGIS > Desktop Add-Ins > ArcMap Add-in.
3. Fill in Add-in name, etc.
4. Check the tool option to specify this add-in is supposed to be a tool.

In the Tool1.vb code, the only thing that shows up is Public Sub New(), and Protected Overrides Sub onUpdate.  There is no onMouseDown or OnMouseUp.  I can create a form, and create a tool on the form, and the tool on the form will have onMouseDown and onMouseUP, but is there not a way to get an Add-in tool to operate directly from a toolbar?