ArcGIS.com application templates clarification

Discussion created by mikeldub on Jul 5, 2012
Hello All,

Could someone please help me to understand how to launch one of the arcgis.com web-app templates?  I seem to be ignorant of an important piece here.  I am trying to help a friend at a local non-profit set up an online survey where the public can place points on a map and add a bit of information to each point.  I think the way to do this is to implement one of the arcgis.com web-app templates, specifically the Editor Web Application.  I downloaded it and tried to launch it but am stuck at the first step.  The directions in the readme say:

These instructions assume that you have a Web server like Internet Information Services(IIS) installed and setup on your machine. If you are using another Web server the general installation steps will be the same but you will need to check your Web server's documentation for specific information on deploying and testing the application.

Copy the contents of the zip file into your web server's root directory. In IIS, the default location for the web server's root folder is c:\inetpub\wwwroot.

Is ArcGIS for server necessary for this WFS?  Would GeoServer solve this?  Could the Editor Widget solve this?  If someone could please clarify this for me I would greatly appreciate it.

thanks in advance, mike